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The Andy Taylor Group are a young and electrifying trio hailing from the Orkney Islands at the north of Scotland. Critically acclaimed as one of the most exciting up and coming young blues talents in the UK by Blues Matters magazine, the trio have been captivating audiences the length and breadth of the UK at festivals and venues including The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, The Skegness Rock & Blues Festival, The Edinburgh Blues Club, Big house Blues Bar in Darwen, Moon On The Water and many more.


The bands debut album “Drifting Days” has been greeted with high praise, and was the number 1 played album on the IBBA blues broadcasters radio stations for the month of January 2020. The band have also started the year with a bang and a performance on the main stage at Skegness Rock & Blues Festival to rave reviews.


Andy’s virtuoso guitar playing and irresistible husky self penned tunes ooze influences of Hendrix and SRV accelerating you on an exciting musical journey which fears no boundaries. Joined by powerhouse rhythm section and childhood friends of Dylan Pepper (Slack Alice) on drums and Marcus Cordock (The Bay City Rollers) on bass the trio boast an overwhelming musical chemistry which truly has be to be seen to be believed.

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"Drifting Days is like someone has boiled Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble in a big Orcadian partan pot, distilled the steam and left it to mature in a fender amp for 15 years.”

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